Public Safety

Our quality of life is one of the reasons Mukilteo is such an amazing place to live. As your representative on the Mukilteo City Council I will always prioritize public safety. This is why I will continue to engage with our Police and Fire Departments to ensure they have what they need to serve the residents of Mukilteo.

Our emergency services need to effective, efficient, and have adequate resources and training to address crime in Mukilteo.

I'll work to understand and solve community concerns in collaboration with our police department and other city departments to ensure Mukilteo's quality of life continues to be the best for Mukilteo residents. Through policy, leadership, and collaboration I will support our service workers to delivery responsive service to Mukilteo residents.

Local Economy

Mukilteo's natural beauty makes it a prime location for a number of the region's assets. Whether it's commuters traveling using the ferry, tourists visiting the shoreline, or Mukilteoans accessing our city, Mukilteo accommodates millions of travelers each year. As such, Mukilteo residents pay for the roads and emergency services that visitors use when within our borders. It only seems fair that we make spending money in Mukilteo more attractive!

That's why I'm proposing a collaborative visioning and planning initiative for our community and local businesses to shape the economic environment that will promote and strengthen commerce to benefit Mukilteoans.

Quality of Life

Mukilteo residents deserve a high quality of life. Through our city services, community programming, environment, schools, businesses, and culture we are what it means to be a Mukilteoan. As your representative, I'll fight to ensure our quality of life continues to be a top priority for the city.

Whether it's noise pollution from Paine Field, loud cars, potholes, degrading roads, or external influences on our city's development, I will ensure Mukilteo residents come first.