Public Safety

Our neighborhoods and quality of life make Mukilteo such an amazing place to live. As your representative on the City Council I will always prioritize public safety. With your vote I will continue to engage with our Police and Fire Departments to ensure they have the resources and support they need to serve the residents of Mukilteo.

As Mukilteo grows, our emergency services must be effective, efficient, and fully staffed. Police and first responders need the training and tools to protect lives and property throughout our community.

We must also address the public safety and public health impacts of gun violence through community engagement, regional engagement, and strong laws that prevent dangerous people, youth, and those in crisis from accessing deadly firearms.

As your councilmember, I'll continue working to understand and solve community concerns in collaboration with our police department and other city departments to ensure Mukilteo's quality of life continues to be the best for Mukilteo residents.

Local Economy

Mukilteo's natural beauty makes it a prime location for small businesses, economic opportunity, and a place for people to settle and pursue their careers at home and throughout the region.

In addition, Mukilteo has a unique regional role as a hub for transportation and tourism. Every year we accommodate millions of visitors. ferry commuters, boaters, and a growing number of aerospace workers and travelers. While we welcome the positive economic impacts of tourism and visitation, Mukilteo residents pay for the roads and emergency services that visitors use when within our borders. It only seems fair that we make spending money in Mukilteo more attractive!

That's why I'm proposing a collaborative visioning and planning initiative for our community and local businesses to shape the economic environment that will promote and strengthen commerce to benefit Mukilteoans.

Quality of Life

Mukilteo residents deserve a high quality of life, enhanced and defined by strong city services, community programming, world class shorelines and parks, great schools, vibrant small businesses, and diverse cultural assets . As your representative, I'll fight to ensure our quality of life continues to be a top priority for the city.

As we address pressures from growth and change-- whether it's noise pollution from Paine Field, loud cars, potholes, road and bridge repairs, or external influences on our city's development, I will ensure Mukilteo residents come first.


A regional affordable housing crisis impacts all of us-- from seniors struggling with rising property taxes and lack of affordable local housing options to young people looking to live and work in our community. For those facing financial struggles, affordable rent can make the difference between family stability and homelessness. We can and must do better.

I look forward to continuing my work to build dialogue-- and housing-- that will make Mukilteo a place for all to call home. As we redevelop our waterfront, reimagine our transit corridors, and do our part to safeguard existing affordable housing, we can meet current and future housing needs while protecting the character of our neighborhoods and downtown core.

A Welcoming City For All

Like many residents, I was drawn to Mukilteo for the strong sense of community, parks and amenities, and the welcoming nature of our city and its people.

As your councilmember, I am committed to protecting and enhancing these values of inclusivity and diversity. Regardless of your race, gender expression, sexual orientation, religious faith or economic circumstance, you are welcome in our city, and your voice deserves to be heard.

I am proud to represent all the people of Mukilteo, and look forward to serving you on City Council.