On The Issues
When everyones voice is heard, we make better decisions. No matter the issue, as a County Council Member I'll make civic engagement and public education a top priority. I think it's our job as public servents to seek out all voices and all perspectives, even if they make us uncomfortable.
Our first responders must have all the resources, training, and support they need to keep our communities safe. I'll achieve this by investing in their health and well-being.

I’ll use best practices from around the world to reduce and prevent crime, gather and report crime data, rehabilitate criminals, and support victims.
As your councilmember I want to build a new economic base to supplement and support our current industry leaders from around the region. To bring tech jobs, and build on the success of our southern neighbors.

I will bolster efforts to train our county's undeveloped talent through the Regional Apprenticeship Pipeline, and other regional workforce development initiatives.

Building for the future economy by ensuring high paying and livable wage jobs are nestled here in Snohomish County.
Everyone moving to Snohomish County has a right to a quality place to live regardless of their status as a renter or owner.

I will work to ensure builders have the access they need to develop land responsibly to support the need for more types of family housing.

Working with our regional partners, to solve the need to build multi-family, and single family homes with innovative best practices and creative housing.

I will spearhead efforts to work collaboratively with businesses and nonprofits to provide affordable housing to those in need.

Being conscientious, and forward thinking about community planning, and prioritizing the balance between cost effective growth, environmental impact, and aesthetic satisfaction.
Snohomish County must always be where people want to raise their families. I will ensure and promote, activities and events that build our most fundamental unit of society.

Snohomish County has a myriad of parks and open spaces that should be cleaned and maintained so families and individuals can enjoy them.

Bringing the kind of jobs that employ families with the income they need to have childcare.

I will ensure that the network of family resources from around the county are readily available to all.
Our parks and streets should be free of thrown away needles.

Addressing the opioid epidemic as a community health concern, supporting and spearheading efforts to make addiction and recovery services accessible.

Working with our county's regional health assets, I will work to make healthcare as accessible as possible on the county level.

Making sure emergency rooms and jails aren't a replacement for actual healthcare.

Supporting efforts to have our community health centers fully staffed and well trained.
Snohomish County's growth is seeing influxes of individuals and families from all ethnic, cultural, and racial backgrounds. I want to ensure that all people have a voice and a means of being engaged in government.

I will ensure that diversity and inclusion are a priority for the county. That’s why I would support an Office of Diversity Equity and Inclusion to work with and involve the county and its operations to be accessible for all residents.

Working with community partners to have all materials translated into languages used by our residents in the county. County hiring process so we have most diverse and qualified staff available.

Intercultural programming and events that celebrate the various cultures that are here.

I would support the county’s human rights commission to be a source of fellowship and a bridge to different cultures.
Our neighbors in Tulalip have a wealth of teachings and culture to offer the county. I want to broker a partnership that upholds historic treaties, and promotes longevity and collaboration moving forward.

I will work to support the Tribe’s efforts to grow and strengthen their families.
Housing is crucial to everyone, even the voiceless. We need to protect our lakes, rivers, streams, so our natural habitats can flourish.

I want Snohomish County to be a leading producer of sustainable materials and renewable infrastructure.

I support bans on single use plastics.

I will work to get Snohomish County's carbon footprint reduced through community solar projects, incentives for property owners to invest in renewables, and partnerships with businesses to make recycling more cost effective.

Check back as we outline more issues.

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